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App Store Promotional Artwork: Tips & Sketch Template

Every Thursday, around noon time PST, Apple refreshes the App Store featuring a new set of apps.

Clips was fortunate enough to be featured by Apple on a number of App Stores this week, coinciding with its launch. That, of course is the best thing that can happen to any developer.


This doesn’t happen out of the blue though. You’ll get some heads-up that Apple is considering to feature your app. This comes in the form of a Promotional Artwork Request email, sent to all of your iTunes Connect Admin and Marketing accounts.

Although we’ve never struck lottery before, we imagine the feeling is pretty much similar when you receive this email.

However, the email tactfully manages your expectations by letting you know that the promotion is not guaranteed. Indeed, there were a number of times where no promotion took place after submitting the artwork. However, to even be considered for the...

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Clips: An Unsolicited Custom App

It was late June, almost a month after Apple had unloaded a slew of iOS 8 APIs onto developers at WWDC.

I was reading the Book of Matthew on my iPad while commuting on the train, and I came across a number of verses that I’d like to jot down for later reference.

For every verse that I’d like to jot down, the process went like this:

  1. Select the verse in Safari
  2. Copy the verse
  3. Switch to Notes app
  4. Paste the verse
  5. Switch back to Safari
  6. Select the book and chapter number
  7. Copy the book and chapter number
  8. Switch back to Notes
  9. Paste the book and chapter number
  10. Switch back to Safari
  11. Copy the link
  12. Switch back to Notes
  13. Paste the link

I started to think how different it’d have been on my Mac. The number of steps taken wouldn’t have been very different, but I knew it wouldn’t have felt as painful. After all, switching apps is fast on the Mac, and I’m a keyboard junkie.

And I have Alfred, which...

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Box integration, Pinboard support and bug fixes in Dispatch 1.3.10

It has been a while since we updated Dispatch. We have been busy with some popular requests by our users and preparing fixes for some of the most annoying bugs in Dispatch.

Insert links to files in Box app when composing emails

Insert attachment links from Box, Dropbox and Droplr in Dispatch email client for iPhone

There are a variety of file storage services in the cloud, and we understand that everyone have their own preference. We released an update earlier with Dropbox & Droplr integration so that you can attach links while composing email. With this update, you can start attaching links from Box app.

Social bookmarking with Pinbook, Pushpin, and Pinner apps

Pinbook, Pushpin and Pinner app support in Dispatch iPhone email client

This update brings new Pinboard actions to bookmark links in emails with three 3rd party Pinboard apps - Pinbook, Pushpin & Pinner.

Evernote business notebooks, email link selection, and saving links in dedicated link field

Evernote business notebook and saving links to email in Evernote app in Dispatch

If you are an Evernote business user, you will be able to create notes in your...

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