Box integration, Pinboard support and bug fixes in Dispatch 1.3.10

It has been a while since we updated Dispatch. We have been busy with some popular requests by our users and preparing fixes for some of the most annoying bugs in Dispatch.

Insert attachment links from Box, Dropbox and Droplr in Dispatch email client for iPhone

There are a variety of file storage services in the cloud, and we understand that everyone have their own preference. We released an update earlier with Dropbox & Droplr integration so that you can attach links while composing email. With this update, you can start attaching links from Box app.

Social bookmarking with Pinbook, Pushpin, and Pinner apps #

Pinbook, Pushpin and Pinner app support in Dispatch iPhone email client

This update brings new Pinboard actions to bookmark links in emails with three 3rd party Pinboard apps - Pinbook, Pushpin & Pinner.

Evernote business notebook and saving links to email in Evernote app in Dispatch

If you are an Evernote business user, you will be able to create notes in your business notebooks.

Email links are no longer appended to the bottom of the note body, but in the link field. You can also choose the type of email links - link to Dispatch, link to Mail app, or link to Gmail.

Quick editing with pre-selected title in triaging editor #

Pre-selects title text in Dispatch email client triaging editor

We strive to make triaging as fast as possible. With pre-selected title in the triaging editor, you can remove the default title swiftly if you wish to provide a custom title. A minor change, but one less step to get to inbox zero.

Custom signature for each alias #

custom signature for each alias in Dispatch email client for iPhone

Support for alias was a very popular request and we released that in the last update. But users were not able to set custom signature for each alias. Frankly, we overlooked that, and our users were not shy to remind us of it.

Composer email action #

Tap on email links to compose email in Dispatch, email client for iPhone

This should have been a 1.0 action. Not sure how we missed this. You can tap on an email link in Dispatch and start composing.

Other features #

All Triaging Apps in Dispatch sports iOS 7 style icons

Bug fixes #

Update: Problem with Fleksy Keyboard integration #

There is a problem with Fleksy keyboard integration in this update. We are very sorry for that. An update is coming very soon to fix this.

Hon Cheng


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